The Reasons You Should Never Quit Addictions Cold Turkey

People who decide to quit opiates cold turkey often overrate their determination. Things will soon get pretty bleak. Most people who decide to quit cold turkey without professional help do not really understand how opiate addiction sets in and how a sudden, total detox can do more harm than good.

Drug addiction starts to develop a few days into regular use of opiates. It rewires the brain to recognize and seek opiates as its primary, realestatespro and later sole, source of pleasure and excitation. The opioid receptors in the brain are constantly stimulated and start to lose their sensitivity so that even higher doses of opiate addicts will be needed to achieve the same euphoria.  It is the conditioning of these receptors that make quitting cold turkey very dangerous.

Addicts who quit cold-turkey start to see signs of withdrawal symptoms 12 hours after their last fix. These symptoms include severe anxiety, body 123chill aches and cramps, insomnia, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, sweating, and flu-like symptoms. All these are due to the opiate starvation of the brain. These withdrawal symptoms will get worse before they get better. People who quit cold-turkey look to the detox at the end and not the terrible withdrawal symptoms they will pass through.

A day or two of withdrawal symptoms are enough to leave addicts seeking to quit cold turkey screaming for their opiates. At this stage, they would do about anything for another fix, and if not restrained, they would surely go out to dose on opiates. Therefore, one chief danger of detoxing this way is that the chances of relapse are too big. Once an addict goes through withdrawal symptoms and relapses, any kind of detox only inspires fear in him. This means that failed cold turkey detox is as terrible as developing the addiction inlandnewsnow the first place.

A second reason not to seek cold-turkey detox without professional help is that complications arising from withdrawal symptoms can be life-threatening. At a stage when recovering addicts will do anything to get their hands on opiates, ordinary help can fail to see the dangers of a potentially lethal symptom. It is not unheard of for addicts going through cold-turkey detox on their own to die. Addiction is a complex condition, and when overcoming it, individuals will react differently and have methadone withdrawal symptoms of differing severity. Furthermore, most addicts have other underlying or concurrent medical illnesses; they are malnourished and are often immunocompromised. Addicts are really in no shape to undergo cold-turkey detox. Be sure to check out The Hader Clinic if you would like to know more about detox for alcoholics.

Thankfully, medically helped detox and opiate replacement therapies are available. They are better alternatives than cold-turkey detox simply because addicts will be getting appropriate treatment from licensed healthcare professionals. Therefore, before you decide to go along with cold-turkey detox, visit your doctor, a methadone clinic, or other addiction treatment programs. Consider opiate replacement therapies and choose medical help in overcoming your opiate addiction.

Today, there are three options to help opiate addicts recover. Methadone and suboxone are used in opiate replacement therapies, while Vivitrol, a newer drug, is used to manage withdrawal symptoms and achieve quick detox. Drugs are not the only help you can get from methadone addiction treatment programs. Such programs also provide counseling sessions, group therapies, and long-term monitoring to address opiate addiction, prevent relapse and integrate recovering addicts back alltimesmagazine society.

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