The Top 10 Perth Jobs For Income

The Australian economy in the past few years has been on the rise, with a number of different industries seeing significant growth. This is great news for people who want to get into the job market and find high-paying jobs. However, there are still some industries that continue to dominate when it comes to wages.

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Perth is also one of the most expensive cities in Australia. So if you are looking for a high-paying and exciting career in Perth, look no further. There are many opportunities to work in various industries and earn handsome salaries here.

Below are the highest-paying jobs so you can choose what’s right for you!


Salary range From 175,000 AUD To 603,000 AUD

They work in a required field and have to be prepared for any emergency that could arise at any time. Surgeons also have very high expectations from clients, who expect them to perform flawlessly and without error. This is what makes them a highly paid career.


Salary range From 147,000 AUD To 507,000 AUD

Due to the immense amount of responsibility they have on their shoulders. Judges are expected to make decisions that affect other people’s lives, so they must be very careful when making these decisions.

The high salary is justified because it is difficult to decide people’s fates.


Salary range From 119,000 AUD To 410,000 AUD

Lawyers are highly valued by their clients, which is why they earn high wages. They are expected to protect their client’s rights at all costs. A successful lawyer can help you save money and even avoid a death sentence.

Bank Managers

Salary range From 112,000 AUD To 386,000 AUD

Bank managers make good money because it’s a very difficult job that requires a lot of responsibility. The success or failures of entire organisations are directly attributable to them, so they deserve the money they get paid for doing such important work!

Chief Executive Officers

Salary range From 105,000 AUD To 362,000 AUD

The success or failures of entire organisations are directly attributable to CEOs. Their enormous remuneration stems from the immense impact and the associated risks. They have the power to make or break entire organisations and directly impact how much money is made and how quickly your company can grow.

Chief Financial Officers

Salary range From 97,700 AUD To 338,000 AUD

The chief financial officer is another well-paid position because they work with a lot of money daily. They manage budgets and decide what kind of products or services will be offered by a company and how much they should cost. 


Salary range From 94,300 AUD To 326,000 AUD

Orthodontists work in an industry willing to pay high prices for a service. They work with patients to straighten their teeth using braces or other correction methods. It’s not just a pretty smile that makes this job rewarding—it pays well too! This directly places them among the highest-paid jobs. 

College Professors

Salary range From 83,800 AUD To 290,000 AUD

Professors at colleges are one of the most highly-paid and prestigious professions. It takes hard work and persistence to become a professor. College professors are highly respected professionals who can influence young minds and shape them into tomorrow’s leaders. This is why they are so highly paid.


Salary range From 69,800 AUD To 241,000 AUD

Piloting is probably the most exciting career on the list. You get to fly a plane and see the world from your perspective, which we all dream about. You will be responsible for flying planes, helicopters, and other aircraft as a pilot. You will also be responsible for landing them safely whenever necessary. Pilots work for airlines or other companies transporting people or goods long distances by air.

Marketing Directors

Salary range From 62,800 AUD To 217,000 AUD

Marketing directors are responsible for increasing revenue for their companies. They’re called marketing directors because they’re the ones who market the product or service. They do this by developing a plan and then implementing it to ensure that the product is delivered as expected.

Final Thoughts!

That’s the top 10 highest-paying jobs in Perth. So if you want to earn more money, it may be a good idea to look into one of these careers as they are more likely to pay than others.

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