Tips for Building a Gaming PC

If you won’t settle for anything less that the top shelf when it comes to gaming PCs, the obvious choice would be a self-build; it isn’t rocket science and everyone has to start somewhere. We put together a few self-build tips to help you navigate your way through the process of building a gaming PC.

  • Choosing components – As you would expect, there are many brands and some are not as compatible as others, while some are a different system altogether. For the best mainboard, Intel offer a great range of mainboard DR4 models at fair prices. You must not lose sight of the fact that you are building a PC for gaming and that means top-end all the way. Cost each component when you have your buy list and hopefully, your budget stretches that far; borrow money rather than settling for mid-range components.
  • Buy online – The cheapest place to find the best PC components is through the online supplier and Google can help you compare prices; type ‘Intel Mainboard, best prices’ and that should take you to the cheapest online supplier. There are self-build packs that contain all the components for a top PC, this takes the guessing out of the game. YouTube videos will help you with the build process, so you can’t really put a foot wrong.
  • Watch review videos – Prior to investing in a top-end graphics card, check out what the pro gamers think; pro gamers put the stuff through a tough session and that’s the only way to find out how a component performs in real-time gaming. Click here for info on the legality of using torrent sites.
  • PC forums – We advise you to register with one of the IT forums where PC builds are discussed; a seasoned veteran can take a look at your spec list and tell you how the rig will perform, or he might recommend a different component to run with your list. Their knowledge is invaluable and this will give you the confidence to go ahead and order the components ready for the build process to begin.
  • Think room ambience & comfort – If you have the budget, a top of the range leather gaming chair would be a great acquisition. Long sessions of gaming can give you back issues, an ergonomic gaming chair is never going to be cheap, but it is a once only purchase. Lighting isn’t important, as your monitor is the only light you need; this is a room you are going to spend a lot of time in, so it should be as you like it.
  • Bluetooth headsets – For the ultimate in surround-sound, invest in a Bluetooth gaming headset, complete with built-in mic, you are immersed in your gaming world and other people in the house are not disturbed. Shop online for the best deals and some models have extra features.

When you buy online, you have the same consumer rights as buying in a regular store and after an interesting build experience, you will be ready for gaming.

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