Tips On How To Choose The Right Notebook For Your Needs 

Nowadays for many, buying a good notebook is a dream. Sometimes it becomes difficult especially for the beginners to choose the right notebook according to their choice. In this regard in this guide we have tried to make the path much easier so that the beginners can easily buy a notebook of their choices. The offer on the notebook market is truly bloated and prices can vary from simple to fivefold. How to find it? Which configuration to choose for which use? In order not to lose your shirt, shopping for a quality notebook is often a matter of compromise. The purchase option for a laptop computer can generally be made between 3 categories: portable “gamer” for good performance with games, ultra-portable for design (and lightness) or multi-purpose office automation.

1. Pay Attention To The Processore

The first criterion to take into account in the purchase of a notebook is at the heart of the system. The processor will determine the speed of execution of certain tasks and influence energy consumption. The more powerful the processor, the more battery it consumes. With memory it is 70% of the consumption of a computer.

Processors are now multi-core and therefore multi-tasking. The more cores they have, the better they will be at performing tasks in parallel. But a high-end processor just released can cost as much or more than a full machine.

2. Random access memory (RAM)

Second criterion of importance, RAM is an element that influences the speed of execution of your machine. It is especially important if you are using compute-intensive applications. Graphics, video editing or DTP software for example, as well as games are RAM intensive.

If you work with the internet and you open many tabs in your browsers, the RAM memory will also be heavily used. Today, having 4 GB of DDR3 or DDR4 RAM is considered a bare minimum for correct throughput. With 8 GB, more tasks will be executed by the RAM and will therefore require less of the other components of the system

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3. Try To Choose Bigger Storage

It is increasingly hybrid: SSD for the operating system (faster and more reliable) and hard disk for data. The ideal combination is to choose a 128 GB or 256 GB SSD coupled with 1 TB of hard disk. It allows you to see ahead while devoting the SSD only to the operating system. It is also an interesting option when you change systems. You will only have to insert a new SSD with the new OS without worrying about your data stored separately (always plan a backup).

4. The Screen Is Not Less Important

If you work a lot on your computer, it is recommended to choose a screen that is comfortable for the eyes. A screen that is too small (13 in. or less) helps with overall portability but can be tiring for the eyes in the long run. Prefer screens equipped with anti-blue light technology for eye comfort. A correct resolution is preferable, at least 1920 pixels wide for a 15-inch diagonal screen, for clarity of detail.

5. Emphasize On The graphics card

The graphics system of a computer is very power-hungry. Many notebooks intended for mainly office applications are content with a single dedicated chip capable of supporting reasonable amounts of calculations. If you use your notebook for graphics applications, video editing or games, it is recommended that you choose it with a more powerful graphics card. Some apps and games just might not work with a chip. As in the processor market, two giants share the cake: AMD and nVidia. Again the choice is often ideological, performance and price being relatively close.

6. Autonomy

This is one of the trickiest points in choosing a notebook. Their autonomy can vary on average between 2 and 8 hours depending on the capacity of the battery. It is measured in mAh and should at least be able to last 4 hours. Otherwise, you will be able to replace it later for more capacity or in order to be able to count on a backup battery.

7. The connection also Matters A Lot

The connection options on a notebook also influence its price. You will need at least 2 or 3 USB 3.0 sockets, an HDMI port and an audio input/output (for headphones and microphone) the latter can however be replaced by Bluetooth equipment. Other connectors you might need are:

Why should you buy a notebook?

Even if you don’t have anxiety, keeping a journal can help clarify your feelings and get to know yourself. You may think you don’t have time to dedicate to writing every day, but if you carry around a notebook, your diary will always be on hand to write in while you’re killing time during your daily life.

What are the qualities of a good notebook?

As a rule of thumb, a high-quality paper notebook is thick and durable with heavy paper weight. They have less show-through and they can withstand erasing. Students writing on both sides of the paper should prefer lab notebooks with heavier paper.


Finally, from this guide we have come to the details of buying a compact notebook according to the needs and demands. They are often more interested than special offers for new models of poor quality. It all depends on how you use it. Do not hesitate to compare the characteristics of refurbished computers, you could find good deals, especially in models built on solid frames. If you are in Germany and want to buy a best budget notebook you can rely on CLS Computer as this online shop holds a great reputation in selling the best notebooks.

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