Top Ten Cricket Fantasy Apps to Check Out as a Newbie

Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world. Over the years, it has continued to gain traction among players, and we can tell how much excitement it brings to the fans. Fortunately, as the world of cricket advances, we enjoy more exciting events. The popularity is more than it was in the past.

With the sport growing, we get more engaging activities to attract more fans. And one of these activities is fantasy cricket. As you participate in sports betting on cricket, you can join different fantasy leagues to begin your journey. Playing fantasy in this sport is simple, making it suitable for beginners. 

The objective is to get as many points as possible after you’ve set your virtual team consisting of 11 players. You’ll enjoy different points depending on their performance in their upcoming match. So if you start playing fantasy cricket, you should find the right app. Below are some top cricket fantasy apps you can consider. 

Dream 11

One of the best and biggest online fantasy cricket platforms available today is Dream 11. It is a popularly used app available to Android and Apple users. The app has different features to enjoy. It also constants enough components to make your experience top-notch, and as a newbie, you can get started without problems. 


Another fantasy cricket app you should consider whenever you want to get started is My11Circle it is a top-notch fantasy platform that has gained popularity among cricket fans over the years. On this app, you can create a team and winning strategy, giving you more control of the game. Also, it highlights your sports knowledge and improves your analytical skills. 


You can consider MyTeam11 your preferred Cricket fantasy app if you want one that can give you standardized features and improve your experience. Although it is restricted in some regions, once you can access the platform, you’ll have access to some of the best experiences regarding fantasy cricket. 


The Gamezy app is a suitable fantasy app for cricket fans as it has some incredible features. The most beautiful thing about this app is that you can win cash daily. So, if you have what it takes to compete against other top players, consider this platform and begin your cricket fantasy journey. 


Another exciting cricket fantasy app where you can win real money when you play is FanFight. It is an incredible platform that has enough features to let you showcase your game knowledge and analytical skills. The platform makes it fun to play fantasy cricket, even if you’re a newbie to the concept. 


You can check out the Howzat app if you have an Android or iOS. It is a fun fantasy cricket app that allows you to play against other top players on the platform, and if you perform at the highest level, you can win real cash. It would be best if you considered this app to enjoy a top-notch fantasy experience. 


If you’re in India and want a fully Indian-based fantasy platform, 11Wickets is your best bet. The fantasy app sets up as the all-desi platform accommodating fans from this country. Since it entered the market, it has continued to offer exciting features to users, and you can expect them to come up with more incredible amenities in the future. 

Mobile Premier League 

The Mobile Premier League Fantasy Cricket app is another exciting choice if you want to play at a top fantasy platform. It offers you seamless entry into the fantasy world and is a perfect fit for newbies and experts. You can expect some of the best experiences when you choose this top-notch fantasy cricket app. 


If you want an easy-to-use app with no complex features, you should consider the Fancy11 platform. It is a platform where you can kickstart your gaming journey without problems. And you can even enjoy promotional offers when you play fantasy cricket on this app. So, you should add it to your list. 


Finally, on our list is LeagueX. It is a free fantasy sports platform where you can jump into different cricket leagues. Check out the app to start playing fantasy cricket with your friends and other strangers online. You can set up fun leagues to create different fantasy tournaments. It is a top-notch fantasy app that you should consider.