Top Tips To Protect The Contents Of Your Work Van.

We read about work vans being broken into all the time and expensive tools being stolen. We also read about vans being driven away with all of the contents inside never to be seen again. If you’re a tradesperson then your van is your life and so you need to do everything that you can to protect it. Sometimes is not possible to remove all of your tools and machinery out of your vehicle every single night because of the time that it takes to unload it and then to load at all up again the following morning. This just isn’t practical at all and so what you need to do is to put things into place that make your van less attractive to opportunist thieves and stop them from breaking into it in the first place.

One of your first lines of defence is to make sure that you get yourself a van security system that will protect all of the tools that you have inside and will hopefully discourage them from being able to take away your van in the first place. Modern technology allows you to do many things to your vehicle nowadays and so trying to incorporate many different things into your overall van security system is money very well spent and it is an investment in your future. The following are just some of the other top tips that you can use to protect the contents of your work van.

  • Don’t forget the obvious – Before we talk about any additional security system that you can add, you need to make sure that you follow the basics and make sure that you lock the doors of your vehicle and make sure that all of the windows are closed shop. This applies to when you’re just popping into the local restaurant to pick up your lunch because this is when opportunist thieves can strike.
  • Add some tints – A thief will always check to see what’s in your van before they make a decision to break into it to trying to drive it away. They do not want to be wasting their time breaking into a man that is nothing inside and so you should spend money getting tints to the windows of your vehicle and this makes it much more difficult for people to see what is inside.

Clearly your first line of defence should be installing a top of the range van security system but you can also add the additional three things above to further secure your vehicle.