Travertine Furniture Ideas

Having an interior of natural materials is one of the most exquisite things any of us could want in our home. More and more people now turn away from plastic or cheap materials in their home, and incorporate wood, stone, and metal into their homes. It is only natural to look for timelessness when you create your decor unless you want to change your interior every few years.

By incorporating high-quality furniture pieces and natural interior decorative elements, you’d never want to change your home decor. And you will find that your quality of life boosts up subtly. If you are looking for exceptional travertine quality, check Saturnia Travertini. If you want to learn more about travertine furniture and, more specifically, tables, in this article, we will talk about them and their unique beauty in all their forms, so keep reading.

Travertine Furniture 

Do you want to follow new trends, and are you looking for cool ideas for your interior? Then you’ve come to the right place!

We prepared an article on this trendy topic that continues to gain popularity again and gain: natural stone furniture.  At Saturnia Travertini, you will find some tips on the maintenance of this type of furniture.

Who says natural stone is not chic and elegant? It’s probably the highest form of elegance in home decor. That is why many people are tempted by the idea of ​​adopting this type of furniture.

On the positive side, natural travertine furniture allows you to connect with nature. In fact, thanks to travertine furniture, you invite the environment into your home.

Of course, whether it is marble, granite, travertine, etc. –  natural stone is always welcome in any home interior. Thanks to that, we can combine pleasure with style and aesthetics with comfort. Keep reading this article to find the style that works best for you.

Natural travertine furniture will allow you to bring a personal touch to your interior. That natural stone harmonizes wonderfully with other elements, such as wood or glass.

Thanks to this outstanding decoration idea, you will adopt a modern chic decorative style. We agree that natural stone creates a more sophisticated atmosphere. Your guests will be super impressed! So, feel free to invite this timeless material into your home! You will not regret this!

Travertine Tables 

One of the most common furniture pieces made of travertine: Tables – yes, all kinds of tables. You can find travertine dining and coffee tables, even small side tables that can go well in any area in the living room or the dining room  – even the hallway.  There are plenty of different tables from classic chic style to modern contemporary clean, minimalist finish – all made of exquisite travertine. That beautiful natural stone is a superb choice for your dining table. It will add character to one of the most

With the installed designer kitchen furniture and natural stone, we can transform the kitchen into an exceptionally stylish and modern place. The travertine table or other element (countertop) kitchen accent is the best decoration for that area.

Travertine creates a feeling of warmth and coziness in the most homely part of the house

Combining the clean look of kitchen furniture in white with a wooden top, you can create a  beautiful interior with a natural and earthy appearance with creamy travertine – and this is the desired effect. Some designers have also added a variety of retro motifs to all rooms, which give the home a unique look and feel of comfort.

Maintenance of Travertine Furniture 

The maintenance of travertine furniture is a very important aspect. This type of furniture creates an authentic atmosphere as it radiates nobility. But natural stones, especially travertine, have a negative side – they are porous. So, what cleaning techniques should you adopt to achieve the perfect look of natural stone furniture? First, it is essential to know that you should avoid acidic and other strong-chemical detergents. It’s the same with bleach.

To Sum it Up… 

You can combine travertine furniture with other natural materials like wood, glass, and metal. The stone is perfectly suitable for interior and exterior home decor solutions.  You can find a variety of different tables in various sizes and styles.Travertine tables are durable, timeless, and gorgeous. Today, designers create beautiful coffee tables, side tables, and many dining tables that will take your breath away. If you are looking for travertine furniture, check all the kitchen ideas, including kitchen countertops made of this stone. It will make the most homely part of your house even more cozy and warm.

We have already said that natural stone furniture exudes both: classic and modern styles. That s one of the reasons why it is highly valued. Thanks to it, you can even create a zen atmosphere in your bathroom. Therefore, our team would like to advise you to choose the natural stone bathroom cabinet. Combine comfort and aesthetics!