Travertine Tiles for Hallway Ideas

How your home looks from the outside is one thing, but when someone enters, it would be crucial to the overall atmosphere and impression your home will leave on that person. The walls and decorations are of great importance, but in addition to the pleasant appearance of your entrance and hallway, you’d need to have beautiful flooring. However, the wall covering must also be of good quality, so it is as functional as possible. 

Each of us dreams of owning a home that is not only cozy and comfortable but also has an attractive appearance. People, in many cases, decide it is too expensive to achieve that dream home. However, it turns out not to be the case, and travertine might be the answer to your dreams coming true.

If you are looking for high-quality travertine tiles cut to a different size so that nothing stands in the way of your ideas coming to fruition, click here. If you want to learn more about travertine tiles for your hallway, keep reading this article. 

Travertine is a unique material. You can use it for any decor in the house. If the massive and bold look appeals to you – choose large travertine slabs. Each plate is unique and made by nature itself. If you want to use travertine to “lock in” an area, such as a shower in a bathroom, or a backsplash behind a sink, use travertine discount rugs philadelphia or smaller tiles. This material is versatile.

Why Use Travertine for Your Hallway?

Everyone asks that question for a simple reason: Hallways are high-traffic areas. It is one of the most used areas after the kitchen. The hallway needs to be inviting to show warmth and elegance. That’s why travertine flooring would be ideal for your hallway.

The great news is that this natural stone can withstand a high-traffic. If you maintain it properly – clean it with non-acidic detergents, and vacuum and mop it frequently, you will have a beautiful floor for decades to come. You also need to reseal it with the proper products every few years (4-5), allowing the stone to preserve its natural beauty without accumulating dirt, cracking, or changing color.

If you decide to keep its finish with natural porosity, you can be sure that you will have ever-changing flooring. The wholes tend to change over the years, which would only add character and richness to your decor.

Travertine Wall Cladding in the Hallway 

Travertine in beige, cream, or warm red hues can be the perfect wall cladding for your hallway. You can utilize the stone slabs and create a beautiful, picturesque atmosphere for your entrance. These colors are not only inviting but also soothing and pleasant to look at. A travertine wall cladding in your hallway will immediately add character to your home and make your guests feel like they are entering a luxurious Mediterranean villa.

Travertine Flooring in the Hallway 

One of the best things about travertine is its durability. It will withstand the high traffic in your hallway, and you can utilize it in any finish or color, depending on your home interior. You can rest assured that the stone will last for decades to come. The gorgeous porous structure of the stone reminds us of the classical beauty of European monuments, castles, and the Renaissance era of love, growth, art, and elegance. The stone creates a unique feel of the Italian and Mediterranean culture and beauty. You can find high-quality travertine tiles in various colors and finishes at Saturnia Travertini.

Travertine Entrance Decor 

A modern and beautiful entryway today needs to be vibrant, colorful, and elegant. It can include colorful rugs or abstract artwork. Whichever you decide to work with, you should keep in mind that it will be the first and the last area of your home your guests will see. That’s why so many people worldwide choose this highly sought-after natural stone.

How Is Travertine Mined and Processed?

The stone is mined in quarries, first quarried in large blocks, and cut into large slabs. Specialists apply two methods – transverse cutting and flatter cutting. About 90% of travertine gets cut crosswise –  the blocks get cut into parallel layers. Imagine it like cutting a tree. It can be cut horizontally (crosswise) or vertically (longitudinally). If you cut it vertically, you can see its veins. It’s the same with stone – with a flat-cut stone, you’ll see the layers of veins that cross it. At Saturnia Travertini you can find a wide variety of different cuts. 

Travertine slabs can be treated in various ways – sandblasting, sanding, antiquing, filling, sanding, bushing and polishing. The term “hammered edges” refers to the treatment of the edges. You can use any of these diverse finishes according to your style, project ideas, or hallway interior decor.

In Conclusion…

Travertine is the ideal stone for any entrance or hallway. It will brighten up the atmosphere of your home and showcase your home’s unique character. It is the first and the last thing people will see of your home, so make it memorable.

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