Vital Aspects of a Lawn Mower

Whether in residential or business premise landscapes, the maintenance of lawns is mainly dominated by clearing and cutting grass. Choosing the right lawn mower is one of the significant factors contributing to whether the grass growing in your yard is healthy.

This article will guide you in understanding why you should own a lawn mower and what factors you need to consider when getting a lawn mower.

A healthy and scenic lawn is a construct of; colorful flowers, magnificent well-trimmed shrubs, cultivated plants, in some instances, natural or curved rocks, and beautiful green grass. There are many ways to maintain a formidable landscape, but working on a landscape has to be consistent and affordable.

Owning a lawn mower is advised if your goal is to keep up with a flourishing lawn.

Should you own a lawn mower?

If you are enthusiastic about landscaping and spectacular lawns like me, owning a lawn mower is an indisputable choice. Rather than hiring a lawn mower every time you need to cut your grass or clear the lawn, it can be costly, considering that most lawn mowers for hire include labor charge costs.

Considering the lawn mower prices in Kenya, it is pretty affordable to purchase one. The simplicity of it is that depending on the agreement you make with the particular shop you choose to buy from, it can be delivered right to your doorstep.

Apart from the cost when getting a lawn mower, you should also consider:

1) Size of your lawn. If you have a small to average lawn, you can settle for the electric mower, but if you have a big yard, the gas lawn mower is the better choice.

2) Type of grass on your lawn. Some types of grass do not need mowing, while others, like artificial turf, can be very hard.

3) Is the mower noisy? Being considerate of your neighbors is an ethical decision. Electric mowers are less noisy compared to gasoline ones. If your neighbors are too close to where you intend to lawn, you need to consider the noise.

The tranquility of owning a lawn mower

In my perspective, nothing beats that smell of freshly cut grass on Saturday morning as you go about your weekly thorough house cleaning. It is not a complete ‘clean up day’ if the lawn is not cleared by the end of the day.

Owning a lawn mower saves you the hassle of looking for the best lawn mower services; it can be pretty troublesome before you get one that is per your budget and does a good job.

Having your own grass cutter machine eg lawn mower means pulling out the mower from the garage, inspecting the petrol and oil level, confirming that the spark plug is okay, and finally going ahead with the mowing.


Mowing your lawn is also very therapeutic. The sound and vibration of the mower, the fresh smell of cut grass, and even though some say that the aroma is a distress signal from the grass, we truly cannot live in a world with uncut and untamed grass.