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If you are an avid dramas watcher then you must be aware that the drama industry is not for everyone. Many viewers find the dramas lacking in creativity and focusing too much on plot or cliches. Hence, they end up getting bored of it in no time.

Fortunately, there are also a few dramas that stand out from the crowd. One of them is a 2021 romantic comedy called Hello Mr. Gu that tries to be different from the rest by featuring a young female lead.

The premise of this romance comedy is that Gu Nan Zhou (Chen Jing Ke) is the sole heir of the well-known Gu Group and has established his own animation company, Nebula, to produce an animated film. The problem is, he has a PTSD caused by the death of his older brother which makes it difficult for him to be in a large scale meeting.

But he has not given up hope and eventually managed to overcome all the obstacles to realize his dream of making an animation film. In the process he met a wacky woman named Zhou Jian Qing (Yan Zhi Chao) who is an illustrator and a comic artist, whose manga is selected to be adapted into an animated movie.

The show demonstrates a number of firsts for a Chinese drama such as a contract marriage, a controllable male character, and the best part of all, a happy ending. In addition, it also demonstrates the most impressive and technologically advanced storyline.