What Are Passive Income Apps?

Passive income is a great source of income. That’s because you earn while performing other tasks. It can generate a significant secondary source of income that you can use to pay for retirement, pay off debt, or put money aside for a future vacation.

Due to the dozens of options available, you can quickly get an app for almost every passive income business you can imagine. Some are truly passive; you make an investment, develop a good or service, and then the money comes in without your further involvement.

On the other hand, some apps could be described as semi-passive. They demand a lot of work initially but very little later while sustaining a constant cash flow. Here are the top passive income applications for various types of income. You’re sure to locate one that will satisfy your needs.


Do you have a lot internet data you don’t use? If so, use Honeygain to share it and get money. You heard that correctly. Now you may share your data and get paid. Set up the Honeygain app and get going. You can also install it on multiple gadgets to make more money.

In addition to internet sharing, you may recommend this software to your friends and family. Let’s say you recommend a friend who then begins to profit. You will also receive 10% of their revenue share in this scenario.

You can ask for a payout once you have earned $20 or more. The money earned is deposited there once you’ve finished linking your PayPal account.


Although most of these passive income apps promise to make some money for little work, Fundrise offers you one of the best chances to make money for your investment.

It is not a cashback, loyalty, budgeting, or gaming app. Instead, Fundrise is a platform for crowdfunding that allows you to invest in real estate according to your financial objectives.

The service provides you with carefully chosen and actively expanded real estate investment portfolio choices to increase your wealth. 

The Fundrise app keeps you informed on the status of any project in your portfolio as you make investments. The iOS app for the investment platform allows you access to all of the features available on their PC platform, making it handier. You may monitor your investments from anywhere, thanks to this accessibility.

You must be an accredited investor to use certain real estate crowdfunding applications to deposit money for investments. Fundrise does, however, provide several products that non-accredited investors can also access.

The Fundrise app allows you to invest in real estate and receive passive income through dividends.


MainVest lets you invest in, track, and build a portfolio of approved small business possibilities in your neighborhood or throughout the country.

These businesses typically provide returns of 10 to 25% each year. Revenue-sharing notes serve as contractual agreements dividing income with investors until a specific return. 

Mainvest also safeguards investors against business ventures that lack a clear direction or sound investment justification. As a result, the program accepts only 5% of companies that apply to use the platform to raise funds to expand their operations. The platform thoroughly investigates these companies so that you may make great investment choices based on your personal investing goals.

Carefully analyze terms and qualitative information for the investment opportunities posted on the platform since its creation. You should invest based on region, sector, and risk tolerance. Start modest and monitor the asset’s performance before adding a sizable investment to your portfolio.


MyConstant distinguishes itself from other P2P lending platforms by acting as a platform for alternative investments and providing exclusively securitized peer-to-peer loans.

The platform needs collateral to support all loans made on its site, such as cryptocurrencies or other tangible assets. Compared to a P2P loan that is not secured, these loans have reduced levels of risk because they are backed by collateral.

But it’s worth noting that MyConstant is not a federally insured savings vehicle, unlike a high-yield savings account. Instead, it is a platform for alternative investments that provides potential investors with good risk-adjusted returns.

The investor returns record of the platform is also very significant to note. Since the company’s start in early 2019, no investor has lost their investment.

You will receive a $7 bonus after creating an account and financing it with your first deposit as an added incentive.


Acorns is one of the top micro-investment apps that might assist you in investing your money. Initially intended merely to provide “round-ups,” or when the app invests money from transactions made with a linked debit card rounded up to the nearest dollar, it has quickly expanded into other businesses.

When you shop at businesses that have collaborated with Acorns, the app has a “found money” feature that searches for extra money to deposit into your account. The program has a minimal monthly price of just $3. Because of this, the app is now among the top investments for younger people. Mobile devices are ideal for using it, and the youth prefer them.


Rakuten (formerly Ebates) gives you points and discounts when you shop using the app. You have two options for taking advantage of the shopping discounts: either use their online shopping platform or download the Rakuten Chrome browser extension, which finds prospective shopping discounts as you browse online stores.

When you use it to save money on your purchases, Rakuten will get your rewards before giving them to users. However, in addition to prizes for buying, the Rakuten app also gives rewards for other offerings.

You can download the Rakuten app for free. The company makes money by keeping a percentage of the discounts they receive from merchants and affiliate links. The platform uses its enormous size to obtain affiliate money from its more than 2,500 retailers. Users then benefit from these cost savings.

You can also get a $10 bonus for signing up with Rakuten and get as much as 40% cash rewards on your app purchases.

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