What Determines the Amount of Compensation After a Car Accident in Connecticut?

The number of cars on the road has been increasing in Connecticut, and so is the number of accidents. Many people have lost their lives, income and incurred other damages due to car crashes. Fortunately, you are eligible for compensation if you get involved in a car accident due to negligence by another party. However, the settlement amount will depend on various factors.

Check out what determines the amount of compensation in Connecticut.

1. Your statement about the car accident

Anything you say during the car accident will significantly impact your liability to get compensation. That includes talking to the other driver or the insurance adjuster at the scene. If you have to speak to the insurance adjuster, never admit that you’re at fault, and don’t record statements about your version.

If you incur an accident, you should seek legal representation before talking to anyone. Speak to a qualified Hartford Car Accident Lawyer who can negotiate the rightful compensation amount for your damages.

2. Current and future damages

A car accident in Connecticut might impact your life now and in the future. You’ll incur medical expenses, loss of income, and job and property damage. Your amount will depend on the figures for the damages.

Also, estimated future damages will determine the amount you’ll receive. Your compensation will be more if you sustain permanent damage in Connecticut. The damages include partial or complete paralysis, amputations, traumatic brain injury, etc. You’ll need an expert attorney to help prove and calculate those future expenses.

3. Fault and liability of the crash

If you incur an injury due to someone else negligence, you’ll get compensation for your damages. However, your compensation will be lower if you’re partially responsible for the accident. And if you’re at fault, you cannot seek compensation for your damages.

You can file a claim for the damages if you’re 50% less at fault. However, your recovery will be reduced by the amount of liability for causing the accident. For instance, if you’re 20 % at fault and your damages are $50,000, you’ll be eligible to recover $10000.

4. The type and severity of injuries

You can incur various types of injuries in a car accident in Connecticut. The nature and severity of the damage is a factor that determines the amount you’ll get. If the injury is severe, you’ll receive more compensation. However, don’t get discouraged if your injury is minor. You still deserve compensation for your loss and damages. In Connecticut, you’ll stand a chance to receive your fair amount from recovering from the accident.

5. Whether you got a Medical Evaluation

You should seek medical care immediately after a car accident. Medical examinations help relieve pain and prevent more damage; the records are part of the evidence. Remember, insurance will try to undermine your claim if you fail to seek medical care. They will argue that the car accident did not cause the injury. The records and medical expenses will be included and will determine the amount you’ll receive.


In Connecticut, you’re eligible for compensation when you get involved in an accident due to someone else negligence. The amount will cover your medical bills and lost wages and will vary depending on the above factors. Also, engaging a personal injury attorney will improve your chances of compensation.

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