What Is A Good Point of Sale System for A Repair Store

A good POS for a repair shop has benefits for a repair shop, starting from technicians to the customers. Each aspect of a repair shop is covered in it, including inventory, billing, ticketing, etc. 

What Is A Point of Sales System?

It is a system that comprises hardware and software which allows you to create and manage tickets, accept payments, manage inventory, and much more.

Whether you are having a small business or a large one, it requires a good point of sales system because there should be a system that automatically keeps track of your customer tickets, sales, purchases, inventory, and other repair shop functions.

In short, it is a check-out counter for your repair shop where your customers can pay, check out, you can complete transactions, and manage payments. Consider it just like your regular counter transactions and register managing but in software and hardware display. It frees you from excel sheets, notepads, and keeping track of items manually.

When it comes to a repair shop like AsurionPOS for a repair shop helps perfectly as it is a brick and mortar store. The only challenge is to find an appropriate point of sales system for your repair shop.

Let’s walk you through some bullet points indicating a POS system worthy of your repair shop.

Your POS Should Be Modern

Unlike a simple POS system that only takes care of cash-in and check-out transactions, you should upgrade your POS to a modern one. So what benefits does it have?

It won’t be a cash register but will help you take payments from whatever payment method you opt for. It can be a bank, online payments, cards, etc.

Modern POS will help you manage inventory, tickets, customers, sales, and your employees.

You don’t have to take payments in person all the time, or customers are not restricted to paying in cash; instead, they have different payment methods.

A repair shop billing software tracks and automatically upgrades your funds after each sale or purchase.

It Should Sync Your Store and Inventory

A good point of a sales system is the ability to synchronize the inventory operations with your repair shop. As inventory management is a crucial task, it should be adequately managed. Here are a few points that a point of sales system covers to keep the repair store and warehouse in harmony.

  • It keeps track of items entering and leaving the warehouse.
  • When a sale or purchase is made, the items are automatically adjusted. The same is the case when you generate a ticket and attach a cell phone repair part to it.
  • A sound POS system for a cell phone store alerts you whenever items reach their reorder point.
  • You can directly reorder the items from the software.
  • Whenever an item is missing or stolen, you can always adjust the inventory to balance the accounting and physical stock. The same goes for the returned or exchanged products.

Provide You with Reports

A good POS system should have a reporting module as it helps to see the progress of the repair shop in a specific period. It collects and visualizes data in real-time and generates it in the form of reports. For example, a repair shop mainly consists of the following reports rendering many benefits.

  • Sales Summary Report
  • Purchase Report
  • Inventory Report
  • Reconciliation Report
  • Expense Report
  • Transaction Log
  • Revenue Report
  • Employee Report and much more.

A POS for a repair shop generates these reports that can make or break the business’s future.

  • It presents you with real-time online sales and purchases data. You can also know which of your employees made the sale.
  • You can map your employee’s performance with these reports.
  • Next, you can see how many sales you made over the last week/month/year. By this, you can analyze which season has more sales and which of your items sell well in a specific season.

Shows You Real-Time Data

Real-time data means the currently present item or status of your repair store. A good POS for repair shops should provide you with real-time data on your operations going on in the repair store and the warehouse. It consists of checking sales by:

  • Quantity.
  • Order number
  • Item
  • Customer name
  • Amount
  • Stock
  • Time
  • Delivery status.

Customer Oriented

A good POS system is always customer oriented as the significant issue faced by the repair shop owner is customer management. They are not good at keeping track of their customers. So they are constantly stuck between balancing the repair time and customer service, which affects both in the end. So the POS system eradicates this problem by managing customers.

  • It saves the customer’s data in the system so that you don’t have to ask for it repeatedly from customers.
  • Secondly, it displays the data on the screen whenever a customer calls so that you know about their service beforehand.
  • Next, it helps you to connect with your customers by sending them follow-up texts or emails.
  • You can also inform them about their repairs after customers have visited your repair store.
  • Review your customer’s order history.
  • You can also send promotional texts to your customers automatically.
  • It also allows you to attend calls from your multiple customers at the same time.

Final Words

Apart from all these, a good repair shop software should also allow you to manage multiple stores at different locations. Moreover, it should have the capacity for your future growth plans.

Look for these points while selecting a good POS for your repair shop; it will save you loads of money and time. Plus, it takes your burden off.

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