What is Behavioral Health?

There are both productive and unproductive behaviors that a person can exhibit, but certain actions can become seriously maladjusted and potentially develop into pathology. In most of these cases, the culprit is either an underlying mental disorder or addiction that is twisting and turning an individual’s conduct into problematic ways. These destructive behaviors are what most people notice, so members of one’s surrounding network or community may only confront the effects rather than their causes.

Whether an individual’s actions are positive or negative, helpful or harmful, all behaviors are dictated by how the person thinks and feels. In fact, cognition, emotion, and action all interact with one another in a triangular relationship. When one area is damaged or distorted by a mental disorder or unhealthy dependency, the other areas are negatively impacted as well. The all-encompassing goal of behavioral health and treatment programs is to maintain this balance by attending to all of a human being’s needs—biological, psychological, social, and spiritual.

Most people are familiar with the phrase, “It is all in mind.” Although behaviors are displayed through a person’s actions, the source of problematic behavior is almost always neurological. In the context of behavioral health, impairments and abnormalities can occur in a number of different ways. Those who would benefit from behavioral health care services and support include:

  • Mental health patients: Populations dealing with psychiatric conditions or those at risk for developing disorders. People with mental health needs may struggle with the effects of domestic abuse or trauma, depression or anxiety, or a number of other possible afflictions.
  • Addicted patients: Persons involved with substance addictions or those with emerging abusive behavior. These individuals require an approach that minimizes the exposure and faulty logic behind misusing alcohol, illicit drugs, or prescription medications. There are different kinds of treatment and one of it is the  Medication Assisted Treatment which combines psychotherapy or counseling with certain medications.
  • Dual diagnosis patients: Specific demographics whose primary diagnoses are psychological and who are also exhibiting related behavioral issues such as substance abuse or addiction. Also known as having co-occurring disorders.

In behavioral health treatment, the primary concern is addressing a person’s mental dysfunctions that fuel problems like disorder and dependency, while regular rehabilitation facilities only treat addiction. Our programs incorporate various therapeutic environments and intervention modalities while upholding a commitment to community integration.

Things to know about a behavioral health disorder diagnosis

An individual may receive a clinical diagnosis for a behavioral health disorder that can include depression, anxiety, panic disorder, and bipolar disorder.

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)He or she may also display other troubling characteristics, such as chemical dependency, that may mask mental illness. Because there are many different behavioral health disorders a person may become afflicted with, there is no single set of symptoms. If you or a family member exhibits one or more serious behavioral issues, a comprehensive assessment will help determine the appropriate treatment for overcoming them.

In order to achieve holistic wellness, it is vital that abnormal behaviors are always addressed appropriately by putting time and attention into treating patients as individuals rather than relying on a one-size-fits-all method. Professional mental health centers provide these recovering individuals with the best possible treatment to reach their greatest goals.

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