What to do if your Kenmore washing machine is leaking

Before you decide whether to turn to a washer repair service in Calgary or fix a water leak from under a washing machine yourself, we recommend that you first secure your home and family. If the washing machine has leaked, first you need:

  1. Turn off the power to appliances, and before doing so, never step in puddles. If you can reach it, unplug the washer; if it is difficult or unsafe to do so, turn off the circuit breaker on the electrical distribution panel.
  2. Shut off the water – if possible, turn on the water supply. If this does not work out, shut off the supply at the point of entry into the house.
  3. Take things out of the washing machine. If during the washing process a leak is detected, it is first necessary to drain the remaining water in the washing machine through a special drain filter, located at the bottom front under the decorative panel.

The washing machine is leaking. Causes of failure

If there is a puddle under the machine, it is not an indication of equipment failure. It could be a leak in the heating system, sewage system or water supply. Therefore, if water appears under the washing machine, immediately check the utilities next to the machine. If the pipes are not leaking, then the problem is directly related to the machine itself.

Often the washing machine can leak because of the hoses. If the machine is not properly installed, they can wear out. In this case, it will be necessary to replace the hose. Also, the hose may disconnect (loosen) at the water inlet/outlet due to mishandling, children, animals, etc. Here it is necessary to check the connections and, if necessary, tighten the nut or clamp.

Washing machine leaking while rinsing

During rinsing, the washing machine takes in more water than during the main wash. Therefore, the risk of leakage during rinsing is noticeably higher. But that doesn’t mean the machine doesn’t leak during the spin or wash. It does leak, only with much smaller puddles visible on the floor.

If the washing machine leaks while rinsing, it is possible that the hose connections are loose. That’s why the connections are looked at first. If the washing machine leaks from the bottom, it is necessary to visually check the physical condition of the pipe going from the tank of the washing machine to the pump. When the washing machine leaks from the top, the cause may be related to the dispenser nozzle or the dispenser hopper (powder receiver). If the tray is very dirty, water begins to overflow over the edges of the dispenser.

Why did water appear under the washing machine? Conclusion

If you find water leaking from the washing machine, this is a sure sign of improper operation or natural wear and tear of the equipment. Always check the contents of the pockets before loading laundry into the drum. But if your washing machine does leak, don’t delay, but try to identify and repair the problem yourself, and if you can’t do that, contact a specialized washing machine repair company in Calgary.

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