What You Should Know About the FIFA World Cup as a First-Timer

The Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup starts on the 20th of November, 2022. This year’s World Cup is making history as this is the first time Qatar, a country in the middle east, will be hosting such a huge event. 

Thirty-two countries will be looking to take the glorious title of the world champion in the Middle East, with their ambitious teams of players who believe that they will kick out the reigning champions of 2018—France. 

Only one winner will emerge, but there will be a lot of chills and thrills because it’s football, and anything can happen. 

As a first-timer, there are some things you should know about the biggest unifier game in the world, and here is the pertinent information you need to know before the game begins in November. 

All The Host Nations

Since its inception, choosing the FIFA World Cup host country has dramatically evolved. The selected process was controversial due to the inefficacy of international travel, but over time, it’s been reviewed to avoid the issue of favoritism. 

The following is the list of all the FIFA World Cup host countries in the past, present, and near future: 

  • 2026—Canada, United States, Mexico
  • 2022— Qatar
  • 2018— Russia
  • 2014— Brazil
  • 2010— South Africa
  • 2006— Germany 
  • 2002—Japan/South Korea
  • 1998—France 
  • 1994— United States
  • 1990— Italy 
  • 1986— Mexico
  • 1982—Spain
  • 1978— Argentina
  • 1974— West Germany
  • 1970— Mexico
  • 1966— England
  • 1962— Chile
  • 1958— Sweden
  • 1954— Switzerland
  • 1950— Brazil
  • 1946 — canceled due to WWII
  • 1942 — canceled due to WWII
  • 1938—France
  • 1934– Italy
  • 1930–Uruguay

The Competition Format

The competition format for the World Cup follows a particular qualification phase. The preceding three years carefully select the teams that qualify for the big stage. 32 teams qualify for the tournament phase, including the automatically qualifying host country, and compete for the ultimate goal within the host nation over a month.

FIFA World Cup Most Consistent Teams

Seventy-nine national teams have participated in the final tournaments of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. 

Brazil is the only team to have competed in all 21 tournaments, with Germany competing in 19, Italy in 18, Argentina in 17, and Mexico in 16. 

Eight nations have won the competition so far. France is the current champion; Uruguay won the first FIFA World Cup in 1930. Brazil has won the cup five times and is currently the most prosperous nation in the competition. 

Eleven more teams have made it to the FIFA World Cup semifinals, while five teams have yet to reach the championship match. 

Past Winners

The most renowned soccer event in the world is the FIFA World Cup. The World Cup, played every four years, lasts a month and features the top 32 national teams. The FIFA Council chooses the host nation. Below is the complete list of World Cup winners.

  • 2018—France
  • 2014—Germany
  • 2010—Spain
  • 2006—Italy
  • 2002—Brazil
  • 1998—France
  • 1994—Brazil
  • 1990—Germany
  • 1986—Argentina 
  • 1982—Italy
  • 1978—Argentina
  • 1974—Germany
  • 1970—Brazil
  • 1966—England
  • 1962—Brazil
  • 1958—Brazil
  • 1954—Germany
  • 1950—Uruguay
  • 1938—Italy
  • 1934—Italy
  • 1930—Uruguay

Top Players

The FIFA World Cup is where most players come to showcase their skills as the best footballers in the world. We might be witnessing the last appearance from iconic stars like Christain Ronaldo and Lionel Messi as they’ll be approaching forty by 2026 when the next world cup is due. With that said, here are the top players to look out for in the coming world cup:

Neymar: The Brazilian player continues to shoulder the responsibility of keeping his country’s hopes alive on the biggest stage, and the Qatar 2022 world cup will be no different.

Lionel Messi: All eyes will be on Messi to deliver the prestigious win for his country, as this may be his last appearance on the global stage.

Son Heung-min: Son has often demonstrated throughout his Premier League tenure with Tottenham that he is capable of individual brilliance by netting some of the most breathtaking goals the league has ever seen. He has scored more than 30 goals for his country on the international stage and will be one of the strikers expected to stand out in Qatar 2022.


The world is played every four years and, as such, comes with much anticipation. As a first-timer, ensure you do not pay too much attention to the scoreboard. Enjoy the thrills and revel in it, as this is one in every four years of experience. 

If you’ll be going to Qatar to watch the game live, ensure you adhere to the country’s rules and regulations to have a fantastic experience.

  1. Social media also has people engaging with these superstar athletes and calling them names. Coaching staffs and teams entirely are putting out false injury reports to change the game plan of their opponent, knowing the media will jump on it and make people feel a certain type of way. 

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