When it’s worth ordering professional headshots

If you want to demonstrate your talent and photogenic personality to a modeling agency or film director, then you will need a professional headshot. After all, having a portfolio gives you the opportunity to establish yourself as a professional actor. Often, modeling agencies, film studios, initially want to see the work of artists for a particular role. This allows them to look at the person from aside and determine to what extent they can get used to this or that character.

Also, coming to the casting, you may be faced with a situation where you will be asked for a portfolio with your portraits and other photographic works. To avoid being in an awkward situation, it is worth taking care in advance and ordering professional headshots.

The benefits of having your own professional portfolio

Coming to a casting or audition for a role, all the artists show their acting skills at the highest level, and sometimes deciding which actor is better, it is very difficult. In such situations, the decision is influenced by the presence of a professional portfolio. It’s not enough just to have pictures, it’s important to show how you can convey feelings and emotions. Having a portfolio will help you:

  • demonstrate your talent in different roles;
  • confirm to directors that you are a responsible actor;
  • sometimes directors look for artists’ websites to see their work on a personal website;
  • you can send your professional photos to several film companies at once.

How to create a professional portfolio

In order for the photos to get the best quality, it is worth preparing for the photo shoot in advance. It is important to think through all the nuances, which image you would like to convey through the photo. To be able to get a good look at your facial features, the character of the image, it is best to take professional headshots in close-up.

In order for you to have the opportunity to get a large number of roles, you need to do several themed photo shoots. This will allow you to get a large number of directors interested, as well as to get several types of roles.

Photo session by Lev Gorn

In many ways, the success of a photo shoot depends on the professionalism of the photographer. Lev Gorn is not only a photographer who takes professional headshots, but also an actor and film director who can find the most suitable image for any person. In the process, Lev will help you to reveal your talent, to better convey emotions and moods. You will also be able to get advice that will help you in your future acting activities.

Beforehand you will need to decide on the place where the photo session will take place, as well as to think what accessories you should take with you to complete your image. You can book a photoshoot on the GORNPHOTO website, by writing a message or making a phone call, or you can sign up for a free consultation.

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