Why Do People Do Sermon Transcription? Why Is It So Important?

Reaching your congregation is difficult, and with today’s modern distractions, it’s an even more challenging feat. Do you find your churchgoers dwindling in numbers? Do their minds seem preoccupied with other matters? How do you get them back to the Word? If you want to reach more people with your sermons, transcription might be the answer.

How Sermon Transcripts Help

Getting your sermons online is an excellent move. By availing recordings on your church website, you’re giving your congregation a chance to listen to them when they have the opportunity. However, what about helping others discover your work?

Many people go online without the intention to find sermons or religious podcasts. They search the web for answers to their questions. They want to know why God hasn’t answered their prayers or how to be a good neighbor and friend. People wonder how to get through a difficult marriage or when their pain from a loss goes away.

Understanding what people need and tailoring your content to help them will expand your reach. Here’s why sermon transcription is so important.

People Lead Busy Lives

The modern world is always rushing off somewhere, chasing after something. Unfortunately, many don’t make God a priority. Thankfully, many still include the church in their lives, albeit online. However, keep in mind that they would rather read a transcript than listen to a 30-minute talk. If your site doesn’t include transcripts, they would simply move on to another source.

Transcripts Make Great Printouts

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that people like doing everything on their computers. While that might be true for some, others prefer reading sermons on paper. You can’t exactly print out a recording – technology hasn’t quite caught up with that. Nevertheless, a transcript comes out beautifully on paper, and this is something your congregation can hold and highlight for personal notes.

The Hearing-Impaired Need God, Too

Do not make the mistake of forgetting that everyone is seeking Christ, regardless of their backgrounds and disabilities. Statistics show that about one-fifth of the global population has some form of hearing impairment. Therefore, availing a transcript with your sermon recording will mean a higher level of inclusivity.

Many People Don’t Speak English as Their First Language

As much as we want to cater to our English-speaking patrons, it’s always wise to consider the big picture. When you have a website, the whole world can access it. Instead of just uploading your sermon, how about including a transcript and translations to widely spoken languages? Many transcription services perform translations, too. A text copy of the sermon will help people read and consume the words at their own pace.

Searching Through a Recording Just Doesn’t Work

Sometimes, our memories fail us. We might be trying to remember what was said during a sermon but do not want to listen to it from start to finish. A transcript is easily searchable compared to a recording. Pastors will find this function extremely helpful as they can avoid repeating themselves. A churchgoer will, too, as they can replay certain parts to refresh their memory.

Sermon Transcripts Are Great for SEO

Getting a sermon transcript from a service such as https://gotranscript.com/transcription-services/sermon-transcription and then uploading it together with a recording on your site is wise. A text version contains keywords that people will use to find your sermon. With this boost in organic traffic, you’ll expand your influence as a church leader and guide even more folk toward God.

Transcripts Mean More Content for Other Channels

Like it or not, people spend much of their time on social media. If you do not use this medium to spread your message, you’ll lose out. While you can upload your sermon recording on Facebook, it might have a greater impact when broken down into snippets and graphic posts. This is the role that transcripts play. You can use specific quotes in your weekly newsletters, social media content, blog posts, and more.

Make Your Sermons Count

Pastors create 52 sermons a year, and a lot of work goes into them. Preparing a sermon involves research, thought, analysis, and more. Therefore, church leaders need to find a way to squeeze everything they can from their hard work. Hence, sermon transcripts are a step in the right direction.

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