Why Investing in Surge Protection for Your Outdoor Landscape Is So Important?

When you own a home, both your property and your belongings are constantly at risk of harm from a variety of sources, including natural disasters and break-ins. A lightning strike, on the other hand, appears to be the greatest risk to your carefully designed outdoor lighting. It is a common mistake to believe that your lights and electronic devices will always function properly. However, it typically only takes a single electrical spike to destroy everything, teaching you a valuable lesson about the significance of landscape lighting surge protection. The Tampa Bay region of Central Florida is sometimes called “The Lightning Center of the U.s.a.” due to the high number of lightning strikes that occur there. To put it simply, a lightning bolt is an electrical current flowing from the sky to the ground. These glancing blows pack a punch and can do serious damage to your property, particularly to your electrical devices and outdoor lighting. Because strike energy can travel as much as two kilometers across the grid, problems and failures can occur even if no direct hit occurs.

What Causes Power Surges?

The electrical outlets in your home are built in such a way that they can deliver a consistent flow of power to the many electronic gadgets that you own. If you plug in a device like a lamp or a charger for your phone, the voltage won’t unexpectedly spike and cause problems like it did the last time because this indicates that it won’t. The fact that events such as thunderstorms, power outages, and other difficulties that influence the power grid can create an unexpected surge in the amount of electricity that is produced illustrates that the system is by no means perfect. During the time that this surge is active, any electronic device that is drawing power should be treated as potentially vulnerable. This includes computers, televisions, and other home appliances. If the force of the impact is sufficient, any components that were hardwired together at the time of the surge face the danger of suffering damage that cannot be repaired.

Why Surge Protection Is Such a Necessary Component?

Even though wall outlets are made to avoid power outages, there is no protection against unexpected surges in current that can be provided by these outlets. Only separate surge protectors can offer this additional level of protection, hence they are the only choice available. When they determine that the amounts of energy have increased beyond a predetermined safe limit, they can divert the surplus current so that it does not reach your electrical devices. It is important to keep in mind that not all surge protectors also work as power strips. Power strips purchased from dollar stores are not reliable since they do not protect against power spikes. If the strip does not explicitly state that it is a surge protector, you should not expect any additional financial security from it. Get in touch with a lighting company in your area if you want to ensure that the lights outside your home are protected from any potential power surges.

Motives to getting Surge Guards Installed in Your Home

  • It is necessary to have surge protection installed in a home or structure to safeguard the safety of the people who live there or work there if a lightning strike or another sort of power surge occurs.
  • In addition to installing surge protection at the main panel, you also need to ensure that inline protectors are fitted to each piece of electrical equipment. In addition to the protection afforded by a dc line or the box for a system operating at 120 volts, the surge lightning arrestor for your external outdoor lighting system must be installed on the primary side of the network for 12 volts. This is a requirement.
  • Light-emitting diodes, also known as LEDs, are teeny-tiny electrical components that are made up of diodes, controllers, electrical components, regulators, and a variety of other things. LEDs emit light. LEDs are utilized in the superior control systems that we have developed for outdoor lighting. This piece of equipment is especially vulnerable to damage when subjected to surges as well as lightning strikes.
  • Protecting your light source from power spikes is another important task that automation devices should be able to carry out for you. Whenever we are building a new system, we make it a point to safeguard the sensitive electrical components by installing surge defenses and surge grounding straps on all of the outlets and main switches.
  • This is the only way to ensure that the new system functions properly. Because of this, the delicate electrical components are protected from being harmed. In addition, surge protection will be incorporated into LED systems that are currently operational.

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