Why online gaming is growing in popularity among older generations

Online gaming comes in multiple forms and has been growing in popularity, especially as gaming PCs are becoming more accessible and esports are being taken more seriously. Unlike some other types of gaming, which mainly attract young men, online gaming doesn’t have the same demographic limitations.

Online gaming is growing in popularity among older generations.  In countries with an aging population, such as Indonesia, these older demographics can have a lot of influence and power to shape culture. Here are some of the main reasons why these older generations are playing online games in bigger numbers than ever before.

Online casinos

Playing at online casinos is a big part of online gaming. Over the last few years, online casinos have exploded in popularity around the entire world. Online casinos also offer bonuses that can help people get started playing and makes it possible to learn to play casino games without a huge investment.

Many older people struggle with travel. In countries such as Indonesia where land-based casinos are banned, there are no options for older people who enjoy playing casino games that don’t involve traveling. Online casinos make it possible for these people to play their favorite casino games from the comfort and safety of their homes.

Variety of games

When many people, especially in the older generations, think of video games, they think of first-person shooter games, driving simulators and adventure games. These types of games are indeed hugely popular. They can also be quite complicated to play, require very quick reaction times, major time commitments and have violent imagery and mature themes. Of course, there are many types of console games, but it can be hard for older generations to see beyond their stereotypes of video games.

Online games offer an even wider variety than console or PC games. Two of the most widely played types of games among older generations are card games and puzzle/word games. Card games such as Solitaire and Free Cell are hugely popular among older generations. They are easy to play and don’t differ much from actual card games. Word puzzle games also have large, dedicated fan bases. A big part of the appeal of word games among older generations is that research has shown that playing online word puzzles such as crosswords, Wordle and Words with Friends helps to keep your brain healthy.

No purchases necessary

Buying a new computer and upgrading your tech is an exciting prospect for most young people. For many in the older generations, it’s a complete nightmare. They’ve finally managed to master the phone or computer that they currently have when suddenly they need to upgrade and relearn it all over again. Even when it isn’t a major change, it feels like it is.

Console and PC games require their own hardware that regularly need to be upgraded. For console games, you need to select which console you want to play on, then consistently buy the latest release in order to access the newest games. For older generations, unless they began playing in the days of Atari and the SG-1000, this is a confusing and annoying process.

Online games can be played on the smartphone or computer that they already own. The controls are the basic mouse and keyboard keys, not a controller or a gaming mouse. Not having to purchase and learn how to use new devices or software is a big part of the appeal of online gaming for older generations.

Solo game play

Many console games require you to play with other people. For older players that might not be entirely comfortable with playing, adding a chat function and constant communication with other players can be disconcerting. Team games can also be more fun when you play with your friends. Many older game players don’t have friends who want to play the same game. Online games generally cater to solo game play. This makes them more appealing to older generations.

Community aspect

On the other hand, online games can also provide a new community for players. For players from older generations, who may be retired and have fewer opportunities to socialize with new people, this is a great way to make friends.

Games that are hosted on social media sites such as Facebook are ideal for this. You can play, talk to other players and share progress updates with your friends all on the same platform. Talking about the games and giving each other advice is another way that older generations of gamers can build communities through online gaming.

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