Why Pet Monitoring Systems at Home Are a Must Have!

It is mainly in the surreal world that pet parents can spend all of their days and nights with their fur babies. In the real world, people have many chores to attend to. However, many things are possible with the existing technology and communication infrastructure. Pet monitoring systems are innovations made for pet parents and others who wish to keep regular tabs on what their fur babies are up to during their absence at home or other places.

Whether you are a couple of streets or thousand miles away, you can have eyes on your furry friend’s activities and safety. Pet monitoring systems not only give you visuals of the ongoing events with your pet but also notify you in a moment when your pet is in distress. It can be an accident, injury, or other ugly things that could happen to your pet; the system will instantly notify you so you can come to the rescue asap.

Do pet insurance cost comparisons online and purchase dog insurance so your furry pet stays medically supported in emergencies like these. It makes sense to have a pet monitoring system and an insurance policy to keep your fur baby guarded on all sides while keeping your expenses low.

How do pet monitoring systems help?

Every system has pet watching cameras that provide a live feed of your pup’s activities on your phone. The cameras, internet, and mobile app are all wirelessly connected, so your pet is tracked, and the information is relayed to you through the app interface.

Some systems also have pet treat dispensing features, where you can reward your pup with a treat for behaving well even when you are away.

Main features of pet monitoring systems

Check for products with some of these features and buy one that suits your budget and usage. A product with advanced features can even prove life-saving for your pet as life is unpredictable, and you never know what your pet may go through when you are away, whether for a short while or a full day at work. So, look for the below functionalities in a pet monitoring product.

  • Zoom (for a close-up view)
  • Full HD video recording (for clarity)
  • A wide-angle camera lens (to cover a larger area)
  • Night vision mode (for clarity in darkness)
  • 2 Way Audio Relay (to talk to your pet)
  • Intelligent alerts (to notify pet distress calls)
  • Emergency alerts (to notify in times of smoke, fire, sounds, etc.)
  • Auto record of pet activity (to track pet movements)
  • Cloud storage (for recording and playback)

Some products also give you a wealth of auto dog selfies or a short video of your pet activity highlights throughout the day so you can admire it when away from your fur baby.

Benefits of pet monitoring systems

  • Pet parents can get over their FOMO and ensure their fur baby’s safety at home.
  • Pet owners can get clues about their pup’s barks or howls. Like any intruders breaking into the home, glass breaking, fire alarms ringing, bumping into furniture, accidents, etc.
  • It helps pet owners to supervise their pets if they have chronic health conditions like diabetes, seizures, memory loss, depression, separation anxiety, etc.

Have this technological aid and know what’s cooking with your dog when left alone. It is best to have dog insurance so you don’t have to face the financial heat to provide your fur baby with superior medical care in adverse health. Check pet insurance cost and buy a suitable policy to cover your pup for accidents, particular illnesses, and other emergencies.

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