Why Property Owners In Hervey Bay Are Investing In Solar

Home and business owners in Australia are facing ever-growing pressures caused by spiralling energy costs. Monthly expenses related to the use of electricity are not expected to come down any time soon. In fact, they are expected to continue to climb in the short to medium term as supply disruptions relating to the production and transport of fossil fuels such as gas and petroleum show very few signs of improvement.

Thankfully residents of Hervey bay are in an enviable position compared to people living in countries other than Australia. By and large, Australia has an abundance of sunlight, around 2,800 hours a year on average. This makes solar power an attractive option for both households and businesses in the country.

Better Technology

The ever-increasing cost of power is only one of the reasons that solar is becoming more and more popular. Solar technology has been advancing in leaps and bounds over the past decade. Solar panels are now more effective at harvesting power from the sun and better storage options make removing oneself from the regional and national grid more practical than ever before. The reduction in costs that can now be achieved means that solar power provides an exceptional return on investment.

Grid Issues

Continued rapid urban growth and a swelling population mean that the Australian grid is under more pressure than ever before. Add to this the demands of heavy industry (such as mining) and there is a very real possibility of blackouts affecting increasing numbers of businesses and homes. There is also the fact that natural disasters such as runaway wildfires have the potential to damage power infrastructure  – and the frequency and severity of these events are increasing.

Environmental Impact

It has been widely recognized that the use of fossil fuels is having a tremendously negative impact on Earth’s atmosphere leading to global warming. The use of fossil fuels such as coal and gas which are used to fuel power stations needs to be curbed if this warming is to be slowed. To avoid this issue is to court disaster. Solar power is a renewable energy source – and has also reduced the carbon footprint of both businesses and households.

Property Value

Research has indicated that more and more people in search of new homes are preferring to shortlist those homes that have solar power installations. they are aware that these installations will cut down on the monthly costs of energy, and many people do want to play their part in protecting the planet. Installing a solar energy system can significantly increase the value of a property.

Control Production

The fact that the home or business or business owner can control the level of electricity production when using solar power is also attractive. Increased control over production is one of the most efficient ways to control expenses.

Installing a solar power system in Hervey Bay simply makes sense from both a cost of production standpoint – and the ability to contribute to a ‘greener’ planet. New technology innovations also play their part in making solar even more desirable.

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