Why you need a commercial van insurance

Every owner that has any type of vehicle that is in use on the UK roads is aware of the significance of having insurance. This is mandatory and regulated by law for all vehicle owners. For those that have commercial vans used for business transport, a standard insurance policy will not cut it. What they require is a commercial insurance policy for their van.

Why can I not choose a standard policy?

If you own a van and only use it for personal transport and pleasure having a standard van policy will suffice. However, many van owners use their vans for business or commercial purposes, so a different policy is required for such vehicles. That is business insurance or special commercial insurance is needed for any van owner that uses their vehicle for delivering goods, transporting items, courier deliveries etc.

Having just insurance is not enough but more importantly, having the right kind of insurance is essential. Even in situations where the van is parked for a considerable period and is off-road, it will still need to be covered by insurance. The only exception is when the van is declared off-road to the DVLA. Also choosing only a standard insurance policy will not be of many benefits in the event of an accident while in commercial use, as the van owner may get charged for driving without the right insurance.

Kinds of commercial insurance for vans

When it comes to commercial vehicles or vans there are many kinds of insurance policies available in the UK. The onus of choosing the right kind of insurance policy for a van lies with the owner keeping in mind the kind of activities it will be used for. Some of the main commercial van insurance types are:

Courier & Haulage: The title is self-explanatory as the policy offers coverage to haulage companies that travel with goods all over the UK motorways.

Own goods: This is well suited for business owners like tradesmen that carry the tools of their trade to homes for repairs or to buy stuff for their own business and transport it to their office/shop.

Hire & Reward: This is ideal for van owners that intend to carry goods for other customers from one location to another. This is for all kinds of man and van activities like furniture removal where there are different customers and both long and short journeys.

Despite having commercial van insurance, it needs to be remembered that this only offers coverage for the van/vehicle. For example, in the event of an accident repairs will be covered. But the goods that are transported are mostly not included in the insurance and will need to have a separate insurance policy while being in transit.

Additional options

Purchasing a commercial van policy will ensure that your vehicle is covered for accident risks for others on the road and if you select a comprehensive policy, it will also cover repairs. Apart from that, there are also additional insurance options offered by companies like:

No claims cover: In the event of an accident the owner/ driver will be protected against any claims.

Tools in transit:  Useful for tradesmen as protection for tools in case of damage or theft.

Breakdown: It covers getting roadside assistance in case of a breakdown.

Misfuelling: Offers coverage against the wrong type of fuel being filled in a van.

Overseas: If the channel across the tunnel into the EU for commercial reasons, this will offer overseas coverage.

Belongings: This offers extra coverage for the driver’s items in case of theft or damage while in the van.

Courtesy van: If the van is damaged and in for repairs insurance will ensure a similar van is available for use in the interim period.

Legal cover: Useful in cases of any accident of covering the litigation expenses if the other driver files legal proceedings against the van owner/driver.

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