4 Key Signs That You Need to Hire a Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer in Georgia

Whether you or someone in your family has suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI) in Georgia, you will need the services of an attorney. Victims often sustain serious head injuries in slip-and-fall, car, or bicycle accidents.

Regardless of what kind of accident caused your TBI, you might be entitled to compensation. And the best way to achieve this is to hire a Savannah traumatic brain injury lawyer. Some of the signs that you will need to hire a TBI attorney in Georgia include the following:

1.  An Insurance Firm is Pushing You into Accepting a Settlement

If another person caused your brain injuries, the insurer of the other party would contact you. They may encourage an easy and quick settlement. This may sound like a good deal. But quick settlement usually benefits insurance firms.

In most cases, insurance firms focus on their best interest and not your well-being. A good lawyer in Georgia will put your interests at heart by negotiating with the insurance firm. And if a better settlement is not reached, your attorney will take the case to court.

2. You’re in Need of Medical Professionals

The best medical experts are important when it comes to building your traumatic brain injury case. You won’t just need them to handle your condition. They also serve as a witness.

A TBI attorney who has extensively worked on many traumatic brain injury cases has a better understanding of the right experts to help you recover faster.

In the courtroom, a physician will testify about how serious your brain injuries are and how they may affect your life.

3.  You Are Unsure of the Negligent Party

Following a fatal accident, things may get confusing. And at times, it can be hard to tell who the negligent party is. In other cases, you and the negligent party could be liable for the accident.

Even in the case where it is very clear that the negligent party caused the accident, the insurance firm might not accept to be liable.

Fortunately, hiring a TBI lawyer in Georgia may help collect enough evidence to determine liability. And better still, your attorney knows the negligence laws and will use their knowledge to calculate the value of your claim. This ensures that you get the right compensation amount, even when it means taking the case to court.

4.  You Want to Get Lifelong Compensation

TBI could be permanent. They may lead to irreparable damages, from which injured injuries might not recover completely.

In such a case, you will need continuous healthcare, compensation, and follow-up treatments to handle your traumatic brain injuries.

TBI lawyers in Georgia evaluate the kind of care needed. If your TBI is permanent, your attorney will ensure you get lifelong benefits and compensation.

Closing Remarks!

You must work with a TBI attorney if you have suffered serious traumatic brain injuries. Usually, brain injuries are lifelong impacts and could lead to death. If someone was the cause of your injuries, you could get compensation for rehabilitation and treatment services with the help of a TBI lawyer in Georgia.