How to protect yourself from auto dealer fraud?

Moreno Valley- the famous city in Riverside County, is America’s fastest-growing city. In 2019, the city’s population was 207,289, which will increase to 214,982 in 2021. Though it is considered a safer city to live in, it is 30% above the national average. There were 2834 complaints registered against many auto dealers in Moreno Valley in 2018, which has significantly increased from the previous years.

If you plan to buy a new Jeep from a dealership, beware of auto dealer fraud! You will find numerous auto dealers in Moreno Valley and nearby areas but remember that not all dealers are trustworthy. A Jeep dealer in Moreno Valley might have a reputation for trying to trick people out of their money, so you must conduct diligent research on the dealership you choose before making the final purchase.

Examples of auto dealer fraud include- ‘bait and switch’ advertising practices, rolling back the odometer, selling an accidental or damaged vehicle without informing the buyer, hiding the cost of special add-on features when negotiating the price, etc. Being a car buyer, you need to be extra careful when dealing with them. To help you with the same, here are some tips on protecting yourself against auto dealer fraud. Continue reading!

  • Learn to negotiate the price of the vehicle. You should know the price of the specific Jeep model you are interested in and the average costs for any extra features. Plus, make sure you visit a dealership with the financing options you have researched, and you must also set your budget beforehand. It is advisable to keep yourself constrained to your budget. If you allow the dealer to choose your financing options, you will pay more and buy something you can’t afford. Also, don’t forget to negotiate and get the best possible deal for your desired Jeep model.
  • Consider financing the vehicle through a bank. In some cases, financing through a car dealer can be more expensive than financing through a bank. This is because banks tend to have lower interest rates, enabling you to negotiate for a lower price for the vehicle. Also, do not allow the dealer to fetch your credit report until you have a final negotiated price.
  • Get the inspection done by a mechanic. A huge variety of models of Jeep are available in the market. You might not be aware of all the positive and negative sides, so hiring a professional mechanic to scrutinize the vehicle before purchasing is better. Talk to your mechanic about the potential repairs and damages, security features, or if the vehicle has been modified. Also, avoid taking on-the-spot deliveries. Your dealer may urge you to drive the vehicle off before getting final loan approval and signing a contract. It is a big NO!
  • List down the add-ons you need. Before you visit a dealership, it is advisable to do some research and list down the add-ons you may need. The auto dealer will try to sell you the vehicle with as many add-ons as possible because the more add-ons, the more money the sales representative will make. So to save your hard-earned money, do not buy add-ons you do not need.
  • Read the documents carefully before signing. When signing the contract with a Jeep dealer in Moreno Valley, carefully read all the fine print written on the agreement. Make sure you do not sign a ‘dispute resolution contract because if you do, you will be waiving your legal rights to sue the dealership if you file an auto fraud claim.

If you are thinking of buying a Jeep from a car dealership, it is important to keep all these things in mind and go to a dealer equipped with the knowledge. Doing this will help you to protect yourself from dealers’ scams.

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