Protective Wear for Professional Sports Driver

Before hoping into the sports car and embarking on an adventure behind the wheel, experiencing one of the most exciting times of your life, you need to think about safety. All professional sports car drivers take all measures necessary to protect themselves before going to the track and feeling the high speed vibes. One of the most important parts of that equipment is to have the most advanced protective wear you could buy. If you are looking for high-quality protection and equipment, you can check Westwood Racing Supplies

One of the most important things you need to know about buying protective professional sports driver equipment is to focus on the legitimate brands that have made it their mission to develop protective gear. You can’t just go online and buy the first thing you see. You would need to research first and primarily look for fire-proof quality protective clothes. At Westwood Racing Supplies, you will find exceptional quality sports driver’s wear. The brands offered at the online store are dedicated to providing equipment that can save your life in case of an incident. 

Protective Clothing for Sports Car Driver

Protection against injury is the most important aspect of the sports car driving experience. Even though it isn’t the most extreme and dangerous sport out there, sports car driving is still not entirely safe. It gives you a lot of adrenaline and is exciting, but it has risks. That’s why an entire industry – from sports car manufacturers to equipment and gear specialists, is working tirelessly to make this amazing experience as safe as possible. Here we will look at some aspects your racing wear needs to include, so you can feel safe behind the wheel. 

Fire-resistant Wear


The helmet is one of the main features of your protective equipment. You’d need to have your helmet on throughout the whole driving session . You will be riding at a very high speed, and the helmet will protect you from any injury in case of an impact. 

F1 drivers know how valuable the helmet is a part of their safety equipment. In the past, the helmet was also a necessity. However, over the past years, it has had some changes due to technological advancements and thorough testing processes. Today safety specialists have managed to create state-of-the-art cutting-edge helmets that make this equipment piece much more fire-resistant, impact and crush protective, with high durability and mechanical strength. It has gone through incredible tests to create a design free of penetration under any circumstance. For instance, it was the helmet that saved Felipe Massa’s life in the accident in Hungary. At Westwood Racing Supplies, you will find helmets that follow the latest standards for drivers’ protection. 

Today scientists and engineers continue to revolutionize the helmet to bring it to the highest possible level of protection. They perform complex velocity (high and low) impact tests to see how materials react to different speed incidents. Always look for those protective items that meet all the latest safety standards. 

Other Protective gear 

Other protective equipment wear, that you’d need to think about, are shoes and gloves. If you want full-body protection, you’d need to be well-protected with fire-resistant wear from head to toe. That means that you need to look for durable gloves and shoes. The shoes of the driver are not just your regular sneakers. They are a much tighter fit than regular sports shoes, and are meant to be durable, fire-resistant, and light, so your foot doesn’t get stuck between the pedals. The gloves allow you to have a firm grip on the wheel and, at the same time, protect your hands from injuries in case of impact. 

Seat Belts 

Every driver knows that the seat belt is an essential life-saving car equipment. A sports car professional driver’s seat belt is a little more complex than the one of a “normal” car. 

If you happen to be in an accident – frontal collision, the seat belt would reduce the forward motion of the body and the head. It’s meant to protect the neck and the head as well as the torso, so that it can reduce the risks of skull fracture or neck injury to minimum. The best part about the seat belts in the sports cars today is that they are much lighter than they used to be, allowing more freedom of movement during driving and much better protection in case of an impact. However, we can’t simply rely on the seat belt alone that’s why a full-body equipment is a must. 

In Conclusion… 

Although car racing is one of the most exciting experiences and many drivers are eager to get to the track and feel the wheel vibrate in their hands as they grip firmly, you should remember the necessity of wearing high-quality protective gear. At Westwood Racing Supplies, you will find the latest technological advancements in protective wear for sports car drivers. 

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