Top Tips For Home Security On a Budget

Security has always played an important role in all areas of life, and maintaining it in our home is no exception. When we do not feel that our home is safe, the best thing we can do is to reinforce those areas that we consider vulnerable, but what happens when we do not have so much budget to invest? 

There are some tips you can apply to keep your home safe without having to spend all your savings. We will leave you with a series of tips that will help you take care of your home and your pocket: 

Protection to avoid easy opening of windows

Windows are usually the second most vulnerable point of the house and to avoid this you must reinforce these spaces. To protect your windows you can opt for extra locks, we can implement bars that serve as stops so that these can not be opened or reinforce the outside with bars, which of all the options is the safest, it may not be the most aesthetic, but when looking for security is essential to twist a little our critical arm. If you live in a building and you are on a relatively high floor, do not trust. 

Always lock your door

 If you plan to go out somewhere, don’t forget to lock the doors and windows of your house. It doesn’t matter if the place you are going to visit is just a few minutes away or you won’t take much time to get there and back. Naively many people think that the absence of a few minutes is not enough time for a robbery to occur, but it is the opposite, sometimes only a few seconds are enough. In the same way it happens that we do not calculate the time well and it takes us more than it should, all that extra time that it has taken you to return will be playing against you. 

Increase security at the door

The vast majority of burglaries occur through the doors of the home. To prevent this from happening, make sure your doors do not have gaps or openings that can be levered open to force entry.  You can install deadbolts, to reinforce the level of closing or to change for armored doors with minimum two points of closing. 

Remember that the enemy may be at home

How many times has it happened that when you hire a cleaning service without having any reference or documentation you end up being assaulted? Before hiring any service make sure you have references, have information of the companies or people who will go to your home, especially if for some reason these people need to have access to your home while you are not there. 

Bet on a security system for your home

You can go for more sophisticated systems, something that always helps to prevent theft are security cameras or the installation of Smart locks, not so elaborate but functional. Another good option are security alarms, you can also implement them at the entrances to save money and can be connected to a smart lock.

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